What To Expect At This Year’s Intel Buzz Workshop London

We’re only 2 weeks away from kicking off this year’s Intel Buzz Workshop and we must say, we are pretty dang excited.

Why, do you ask? Because of the kick-ass line-up of gaming industry speakers for this year’s edition!!! Shall we break down a detailed schedule for you?

First up, James Gwertzman, CEO of PlayFab Inc., will school us on what it takes to carry out effective LiveOps strategies and surveys the resources available to help in his discussion, “Crafting Your Game’s LiveOps Strategy”.

*Drum rolllll* The second speaker on the agenda is Jason Vandenberghe. Yes, the creative director of ‘For Honor’ will be there to give you the inside scoop on the games original conception straight through to that big reveal in his talk, “Forging Honor: Providing a Coherent Vision for a New IP”.

Your brain will have no time to rest; following Mr. Vandenberghe is Josh Naylor, Senior Tech Evangelist at Unity. In his talk, “Smooth Like Butter – An Introduction to Unity Optimization” you will discover expert insights on various optimization aspects that developers ought to know when using Unity.

LUNCH BREAK. Attendees can enjoy a plethora of free food and drinks before the next rockstar speaker makes her appearance.

The rockstar we’re speaking of is Becky Allen, Audio Director and Composer at Popcap. Prepare yourself for an in-depth look at the experiments that shaped the music systems of Plants vs. Zombies in her insightful talk, “GamesPlants Vs. Zombies Heroes Music: from aesthetics to launch”.

Then, Phil Davidson – Producer at Freejam – will take you through the techniques Freejam has employed with partners, such as Intel, to facilitate the growth of the celebrated free-to-play title Robocraft since it appeared on Steam in July 2014.

Learn some solid hints and tips on playing on playing to win in the world of Game Dev from Mike Hawkyard, Managing Director at Amuzo. Based on both his own experience and that of people far more illustrious than himself, Mike highlights a selection of easy wins and mistakes to avoid in his talk, ”How to win in the world of Game Dev”.

Next, William Rhys Dekle – Partner at Strategic Alternatives – will explain the primary drivers of enterprise value for a video game developer and the six important steps to increasing it in his talk, “How to get acquired (for a premium price)”.

Finally, returning for his second edition is Leigh Davies – Senior Application Engineer at Intel – who will lay down some knowledge on CPU differentiation.


We hope to see you there!! Peace, Love & Unity.


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