The NBCUniversal Hackathon in Orlando Kicks Things Into Another Reality

The week of The Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon was a whirlwind of excitement for not only organizers, but especially for participants.


Leading up to March 28th – software developers, designers, entrepreneurs and hardware makers of Orlando were getting snippets of all the tech they would have access to during the hackathon. This was done through a two webinars and a password access Developer Sandbox. The excitement was off the charts!


For show time, Orlando techies filled the Tusacn Ballroom at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando.

pic of room

Participants were introduced to six challenges: Universal Parks and Resorts Marketing, Universal Parks and Resorts Technology, Universal Parks and Resorts Creative, Universal Parks and Resorts Entertainment, Telemundo and Golf Channel’s Golf Now.

Once noon rolled around 170 developers began the official coding. The

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room was buzzing with ideas, tools began to tinker, and developers dove deep into a virtual reality world that would solve solutions for waiting in lines at theme parks or what will help the visually impaired experience a ride.

pic of room2

The energy was exactly how a hackathon should be: innovative, exciting and vibrant with a dash of Red Bull (maybe more…).


Walking around the room you would see virtual wands (replicating Harry Potter), 360 3D soccer fields and lights flashing from hardware connecting!


By the end of day one, 37 projects were in the works.

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