Recap of the 2017 Intel Buzz Workshop London

Our prediction was correct, this year’s Intel Buzz Workshop London was indeed the best edition thus far. The day was full of testing out new games, listening to insightful talks from game industry experts and networking with game enthusiasts. 
Aside from the impressive turn out of participants and awesome pool of games for the developer showcase, the speakers gave phenomenal talks around game development and design by sharing their expertise and advice.

James Gwertzman, CEO @ PlayFab Inc. 
TALK: Crafting Your Game’s LiveOps Strategy
 33955524465_f58b285225_z (1)
Josh Naylor, Senior Tech Evangelist @ Unity
TALK:  Smooth Like Butter -An Introduction to Unity Optimization
Phil Davidson, Producer @ Freejam
TALK: Robocraft: The Power of Cross Promotion
Mike Hawkyard, Managing Director @Amuzo
TALK: How to Win in The World of Game Dev
William Rhys Dekle, Partner @ Strategic Alternatives
TALK: How to Get Acquired (for a premium price)
Leigh Davies, Senior Application Engineer @ Intel
TALK:  Rise Above The Crowd, Make More Immersive Games With Your CPU

The crowd favorites were talks by Jason VandenBerghe – Forging honor: Providing a Coherent Vision for a New IP, and Becky Allen -  Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes Music: From Aesthetics to Launch.

Jason VandenBerghe, Creative Director @Ubisoft
Becky Allen, Audio Director and Composer @ PopCap Games 

We can’t forget to mention the notorious office hours, which allowed participants to talk 1 on 1 with their favorite speakers. 
When it came time for the game developer showcase, all of the contestants did outstanding jobs pitching their games. We must say, we – along with the crowd – were very impressed by the games presented this year. When it came down to the decision for first place, the creator of BlockShips took home the gold; Another big congrats from the BMA team!! 
Big thank you to everyone who came out this year’s London edition; we had a blast and hope you did as well. We look forward to seeing you at the next Intel Buzz Workshop!  
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