Perceptual Computing with Intel @ Helios in SF

What is Perceptual Computing?

Don’t know what perceptual computing is? Click here to read the Wikipedia article. 

The Hackathon

Our friends at Intel have been developing a Software Development Kit for Perceptual Computing, and wanted working feedback from BeMyApp’s developer community via educational workshops and competitive hackathons in SF and LA. Attendees were given Creative gestural cameras and Ultrabooks when they needed them, along with Intel’s SDK, and were asked to form teams to develop apps at the Hackathon. SF’s Hackathon was last weekend at Helios Interactive, with over 60 people attending and 45 people developing over 20 Perceptual Computing apps in less than 36 hours.

From the care that went into Dance For Health to super apps for healthcare practioners to the groundbreaking PerCUnity project, among others, there were many, many amazing projects.

The Prizes

Over $5,000 in prizes were awarded to teams, judged by Monika Lischke, Community Manager at Intel, Ben McChesney, Chief Technical Officer and Managing Partner at Helios Interactive Technologies and Amar Kona, Technical Marketing Manager at Intel. A $3,000 Grand Prize was awarded for best overall app ($3,000) along with two $1,000 prizes for Most Innovative app and best User Experience.

The Winners:

Our Grand Prize-winning developer was @Acylum’s “My Pet Shadow”, a virtual pet game in which you grow and care for your own pet shadow using hand gestures. An amazing amount of code was written to make My Pet Shadow in a short time.

Most Innovative went to “Motion Map”. The developers integrated javascript coding into Intel’s SDK to make a Google Chrome browser extension that allowed gestural navigation of Google Maps!

The winner of Best User Experience was “Team Luca”, whose educational app, “Learning With Luca” allowed children to answer simple counting and arithmetic questions with their hands, using a beautifully designed interface.

What’s Next:

BeMyApp and Mozilla host Ludei‘s Iker Jamardo to Live Code An HTML5 Game In One Hour . He’ll be building a pong game from scratch starting with the basics of any html5 game, covering structure, elements, collisions, and finishing up with A/B testing and ads. To add more to the challenge, he will demonstrate how to implement a leap motion device, Android OUYA console and game controllers.

Get ready to bring the good ol’ pong to a whole new level, dive into html5 game development and learn about the possibilites and best practices. The game will be executed across multiple devices (browser, Android, iOS, FirefoxOS, Tizen, etc.)

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