Meet Sprout by HP® – the New Definition of Immersive Computing

The Sprout by HP® Developer Launch Party at the Standard in New York kicked off the beginning of a new, groundbreaking technology this past Wednesday night. After the product launch with media on Wednesday morning, the Sprout team headed to the hip hotel to bring an in-depth, developer-centric look into their new technology.

BeMyApp was honored to help facilitate this incredible event. We made sure to invite and let our NYC developer community be the first to know. Over 100 attendees received an invite to this exclusive event. Participants were given a chance to interact with the new all-in-one desktop computer that includes a built-in scanner along with projection.

Sprout by HP® let’s you see what’s possible and gives you the tools to express yourself and get work done. It is an entirely new operating environment. Sprout is an immersive computing experience that realizes the potential of projective computing.

At the opening, Brad Short, the creator of Sprout gave a brief overview of the story and evolution of Sprout – from an idea to a reality.


Ravi Kurupati, Sprout platform’s software product manager then showed the audience the ease of using the SDK for creating new apps for the platform. Legacy Games and Monsoon then followed up with some of their own creations, all of which were released and adapted specifically to the Sprout platform.


The night capped off with an opportunity for developers to try out and demo the systems first-hand. Attendees were encouraged to interact with the devices and ask as many questions as they would like regarding Sprout. HP® employees were of course – ready to show it off!

Here are what some developers had to say about Sprout:


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.09.51 PMsprouthp_tweet2

Overall an amazing night and one for the books for our team! Check out our pictures from the Sprout by HP® Launch Party on our Flickr to see all the fun we had.

Want to be a #SproutDeveloper? Stay tuned for a series of developer events we will be rolling out in the upcoming months.



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