We recently formed the French Intel blogger team in order to try, test & write on Intel technologies & tools. After a few weeks of meetings & hangouts, we were able to gather many a great deal of feedback from the French BeMyApp community! Here is an overview of the topics and their authors.

Hangout Session on Intel Technologies

Hangout Session on Intel Technologies


=> Charlie Lacroix (freshly graduated from Mines school of Saint-Etienne!) this young BeMyApp ambassador is now leading his thesis.


=> Benjamin Baldacci (Head of Game Programming Degree at Isart Digital & .Net ninja) he recently won the Perceptual Computing Hacknight in Paris, he wrote a few articles on


=> Jean-Claude Cottier (founder & CEO of Ovogame studio) recently won the Android Codefest in Paris, for which he won a trip to the Mobile World Congress.


=> Matthieu de la Roche Saint André (a 3rd year student at EFREI Paris with a strong will to travel around the world ) met us during a Tizen hackathon in Palo Alto.


=> Edwige Seminara (.Net consultant at MCNEXT) used to be our Microsoft Student Partner while in school. She also won the DevKings 2013 with Gone To Lyon.


=> Fabien Arcellier (consultant at Octo Technology) won 4th from EMEA at the contest Intel Accelerate 2012, he also writes on his blog.

=> Maher Jendoubi (.Net specialist) he developed the Alerte Pollen app on Windows 8 during the DevKings 2013.


=> Antonin Fouques (Android expert at Genymobile and active organizer of the Paris Android User Group) is one of the best mentors we’ve had the pleasure of working with at BeMyApp!


=> Pierre Segalen (Windows 8 developer of the great app News Republic & Appy geek at Mobiles Republic) is also the author for the blog

=> Sebastien Le Marchand, HTML5 guru, founder of Pix2know and of the Delishock application.


=> Jeremie Robert (research engineer & development at RueDuCommerce) won the Open Tourisme 2012 hackathon in Marseille.


=> Karray G [info coming soon]


=> Issam Lahlali [info coming soon]


I hope you enjoy the blogs, feel free to leave a comment/feedback about

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