Intel® RealSense™ & the Future of Gaming



OK, so gamers (especially those of you who came of age in the mid 90’s, and spent quite a few summer afternoons playing Mario on N64, like me) let’s take a trip down memory lane…It’s 1997. You’re one star from saving Princess Peach, and there’s only one thing left standing in your way: Bowser in the Sky…I know, it still gives me chills just thinking about it.

Things are going OK, you throw him off the ledge once, maybe twice. BUT you’re getting a little nervous now. Things are racing through your head like: If I die, how far back is the last checkpoint, because I can’t remember, and this game has taken all of my summer vacation to finish—You’re heart starts to race, and your palms are getting sweaty…

OK, you get the picture.

Think how far gaming has come since Nintendo 64 ruled the market. The short answer: very far. We are a society that is always innovating, and forever pushing the boundaries of technology — that’s how great products are developed, and new trends are formed in the market.

So…where are we headed? What avenues are developers exploring right now?

Let’s alter the scenario a bit:

You’re playing Mario64, but with Intel’s® new RealSense™ camera. The technology traces your body movements, and allows you, the gamer, to become fully immersed in the experience. More than ever before, you are actually playing the game.

But RealSense™ differs in many ways from other cameras of its kind…Remember how your hands are beginning to sweat, and your heart rate is peaking? (I mean, it’s the final boss, come on) Well, the RealSense™ camera has the ability to track your pulse, and have your actual emotions at play in the game.

“I take a deep breath, the static clears from the screen, and I continue” said Will Fulton of Digital Trends upon experimenting with a game that is compatible with RS (Source). In this scenario, his anxiety and accelerated heart rate have altered his avatar’s vision, and handicapped his abilities within the game.

RealSense™ allows you to navigate using the exact motions of your

body. And this is not just conceptual: Intel is currently developing their 3D cameras to fit into smart phones, and the technology is already being utilized by companies like Food Network to help users create recipes without all the mess.

Just think of the possibilities; they are truly endless.

And while it’s fun to be nostalgic, and reimagine scenes from the golden age of Nintendo, game developers have the unique opportunity to utilize RealSense™ now, and take part in the next movement in gaming—

This is where the industry is headed.

So take a look at RealSense™, and get an idea of the SDK here. Maybe even take out the old N64 cartridges for old times sake. I’m sure Bowser is still waiting :)


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