Intel® Buzz Workshop – SF

The annual Intel® Buzz Workshop in SF have had a great response from participants. Here is the recap of the workshop.

On June 25, the workshop received more than 150 attendees at the gorgeous Terra Gallery in San Francisco. There was real high energy among the crowd and great discussions with the speakers on various topics in the gaming industry.



Big thanks to our judges who gave great presentations at the Buzz Workshop SF.

Welcome, Intro & Keynote
Speaker: Lee Machen

Panel: Computer Graphics and their Impact on Gaming
Speaker: Jon Peddie

Panel: Ladies of Design: All-Star Design Discussion Panel
Speakers: Danielle Swank, Jane Ng, Lauren Cason, My N. Tran, Anna Kipnis
Moderator: Danielle Deibler

Panel: Fireside Chat – Laserlife Powered by RealSense: A Q&A with

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Choice Provisions
Speakers: Alex Neuse & Matt Hickman

Panel: The Future of Gaming Panel
Speakers: Jonathan Blow, Susan O’Connor, Greg Kasavin, Amy Hennig
Moderator: Alex Wilmer

Panel: How Direct3D is Driving Games from Casual to AAA
Speaker: Chas Boyd

Panel: So You Want to Build a Snowman? … but it’s Summer – Tips on building a Unity game while keeping future platforms a consideration
Speaker: Corey Johnson

Panel: Creative Directing: Tips for directing the art, audio and story in your game
Speaker: Tim Keenan

Panel: Developer Tools: Making Good Games into Great Games with Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzers
Speaker: Matthew Fife

Panel: Multi-Platform Asset Automation for Fun and Profit
Speaker: Zac Litton

Panel: eSports Nunchucks: Competition Overview & Tactics
Speaker: Robb Chiarini

After great discussions on varies topics in gaming, the fun was just getting started at the Buzz SF! There were 17 indie game demos and 5 winners were selected!

1st Place: Bazaar

18738209873_4a9ba72dbb_z 2nd Place – Block’hood

18738209963_0e05583b5c_z 3rd Place – Duskers

4th Place – Battle Group 2

19332742976_fbac3aa0d5_z 5th Place – Gunpowder


Congratulations to all the winners!

Other project demos include:
BlitzKeep, Number the Stars, Armed and Gelatinous, War of Life, Story of my Life, Hero, Trial by Viking, Pigu’s Polar Puzzle Pandemonium, IMVU Heirloom, Race for the Stars, Shop Heroes, Head of the Order.

Check out our flickr album for more pics!

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