IBM Watson Challenge on Coderpower: Midway Point

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.04.45 AM

Have you put your skills to the test in the IBM Watson Challenge? Many people have registered, but not everyone has the skills to make it to the end. Find out how you stack up to your peers by registering to compete for free, or going in and continuing to work through the code if you’ve already registered!

Over 170 developers have taken the challenge so far, but ONLY TWO have finished all three.

Here are the top 10 scores so far:

@Smarttech has a firm hold on the lead, but there’s still time left so it’s anyone’s challenge to win!


Want a closer look at the first challenge before signing up? Here is an example of the portal you will see when you take this javascript coding challenge:

Learn more about the different challenges here.


Be sure to follow #WatsonCodeChallenge on social media and give us a shout out! Special thanks for tweets this week from:

and of course @IBMWatson!


Register today for your chance to win the $1,000 Grand Prize or one of the $100 challenge prizes.

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