IATA NDC HACKATHON DAY #2 – Change is on its way

Last Sunday, May 29 was the final demos of IATA NDC Hackathon. After a successful day 1 and few activities to fuel energy, our hackers came to present their final work within a 3-minute demo and a 2-minute questions&answers with the grand jury.

22 projects were in competition, one dropped out at the last minute and here we were with 21 projects to demo. One challenge: changing the world of business travel during a 40-hour hack, in which they’ll take air retailing to the next level via an app. 

the Grand Jury was composed of  Gary Doernhoefer, Former Legal General Counsel @IATA ; Pascal Struyve, Global Travel, Fleet & Meeting Services Director @ IR ; Barbara Zimmer, Corporate Sales Development Project Specialist @ Qatar Airways ; Vanni SanVincenti, NDC Architect @IATA and Stéphane Pingaud, Co-Founder | CEO @weareflyiin.

Here are the winners of this 40-hour hack:

Winner of the Category #1 – The Business Traveler Journey: NINA

27248650682_e4984f2f94_z ©IATA

NINA: Powering Enhanced Travel Management

Nina blends company travel policy compliance and personal traveler preferences.  By bringing together policy approved options and utilizing NDC technology to provide full transparency of  the elements within, we enable better journeys based  on informed decisions.

Link to the project page / Link to the startup 

Winner of the Category #2 – The Travel Data: BudgetR


BudgetR: We predict future amenity expenses to help your business budgeting. Travelers use our purchasing app so expenses are tracked and reimbursed 

Give the company a clear overview of all their past travel expenses and estimations of future travels. All flights are analysed and uses to predict the future cost of other flights. The traveler has an app to purchase items during and around the journey. It contains a simple overview of the budget left. Also, it allows for direct purchase without receipts, if the airline supports this.

Link to the project page

Developer prize rewarding the best use of NDC Standard: Cicero


Cicero: Your Travel Assistant

Cicero helps you after booking a flight with additional services needed for the journey. It is a one stop solution to get everything for the flight

Link to the project page

‘Ready to take off’ prizes: Flycal and PTA

Flycal: Smart scheduling to optimise your travel costs.


We optimize your travel flights connecting the business calendars of the parts with FlyCal tool. You get automated process when is the best time to book your flight in your calendar.

Link to the project page

Personal Travel Agent: Personalized approach to directly sell ancillaries for travelers based on NDC.


Chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram and native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow travelers get flight status and personalized offers with ancillary services from NDC-enabled airlines. Slack chatbot helps company’s travel manager handle employees’ trips providing offers from NDS-enabled airlines.

Link to the project page

SITA extra prize, €1000 Amazon voucher:  2Goaway

2Goaway.com, offline travel management. Link to their website.













Thanks to all the projects that demoed and took part into that amazing challenge to create the future of business travel:

TravelBuddy, Post booking travel assistant

NDC Analytics Platform, we crawl NDC API streams and extract relevant data which can be used for BI purposes.

Yallahfly, Instant Photo-Based Review.

GOOYAVE – your personal travel angel. Link to their startup HERE

piO, is an easy system design, which helps you to improve your knowledge about your destination and creates better communication.

JustBookIt, Find the Business Person meetings, interests, like-minds, Push notifications about all/preferred flights, let them choose and book his desired flights.

Odyssey, we make business travel management seamless for corporations. Link to the startup HERE

dot, a personalized travelbot that will create a seamless itinerary. Orchestrated by dot. Link to their presentation.

FlySet, is a click&go service that gives you the opportunity to add extra services to your travel experience and adjust your flight settings.

Planifly, WE ARE THE AUTOPILOT OF YOUR TRAVEL, Don’t think about the next step of your journey, just follow the guide ;). Link to their website.

NDC Receipt Collector, Radically Simple Air Travel Expenses.

Fare Terms, Ticket terms and rules made simple. Link to the company Ahoy

Smart Move, Thinking Smart for the Traveller! Contextualized and Personalized offer in real time!!

ü, Your journey to happiness!

Travelpedia, One place that provides 360°  view of corporate travel.

To see all the pictures of the event two FlickR to check out: pics from IATA and BMA.

We did a nice round-up storify on the day #2 with your tweets and participation if you would like to know what’s a cool hackathon.

The 5 winner teams have started this week their incubation program with BeMyApp and IATA. On June 21-22, NINA and BudgetR will present their idea to IATA Business Travel summit in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The incubation will end on July 31, at the end of those two months, 2 teams will be selected to present their project at the World Passenger Symposium on Oct 18-20 to in Dubai. We are looking forward that result and see what innovation will be brought to Dubai.

Meanwhile, BMA thanks all the teams, hackers for their great energy and hack! Huge than to IATA that is leading this initiative.

Special thanks to platinum sponsors: SITA and Qatar Airways and gold sponsors: Flyiin, JR Technologies and RouteHappy. As well as the partner APIs: British Airways, LinkedIn,  Timatic AutoCheck, SITA and RouteHappy.

See you on June 21-22. Keep cool and keep coding #NDChack

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