IATA NDC Hackathon Day #1

Day one at the IATA NDC Hackathon, after a successful kick-off on Friday 27th, with 24 ideas pitched, 100 participants and 20+ representatives from IATA, British Airways, SITA, RouteHappy, LinkedIn, Timatic AutoCheck, here we are at 18-hour of coding and still have 18-hour to go before the final demos.


To sum up this first #NDChack day, we can resume with two words: workshops and code :) After morning workshops (IATA, partners APIs and Business Travel, check out our storify to know more :) came in the afternoon how to create a chatbot in 30 minutes by Alan Nichol from golastmile.com


and a workshop on how to create an IBeacon “recipe” with Steve O’donnell from SITA.


22 projects are still in the competition and need to produce a functional prototype tomorrow by 3pm. Despite this, they are always in a good mood ready to take more funny challenge such as a twitter challenge set earlier today: “Illustrate change is in the air..” some are even very inspired.  The twitter winner will be announced tomorrow after deliberations but here is a hint, some quite creative…

Capture d’écran 2016-05-28 à 21.04.37

Capture d’écran 2016-05-28 à 21.26.50

Darts and the table football were quite popular among participants even for mentors to do a break between coaching or coding lines :)


To end the evening and start a night of hack the final champions’ league could not be missed..

Capture d’écran 2016-05-28 à 21.39.37

To all, it was a great hacking day, still around 18-hour to go. We can’t wait tomorrow’s final demos in the Berliner City heart. May the force be with you.

Keep calm and code. First pictures are already released on our Flickr.

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