How the #GlobalAIHack can boost your knowledge and network

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on AI lately; one article that really caught my eye is called *Building AI Is Hard—So Facebook Is Building AI That Builds AI. It talks about the AI Platform Facebook has created called Flow, a machine learning assembly line to help build and execute machine learning algorithms on a massive scale. The crazy part is, with the help of Flow, Facebook is able to train and test nearly 300,000 machine learning models each month. As this technology advances, it will potentially have the ability to gain information on its own and generate a new generation of artificial intelligence.

Is this a good time to get on the AI gravy train? Hell yeah! Luckily, I’m already on it, though…not on the technical side but I’m part of an awesome team that is throwing together a massive, worldwide AI Hackathon.

I am proud to introduce the first ever Global AI Hackathon series, brought to you by Our vision is simple: sparking innovation in AI on a global scale, simultaneously.

Whether you are an AI expert, just started with your AI exploration, or even if you just have the beginnings of an idea for how to use AI in real life, you are welcome on board.

This is a great opportunity to work with innovative minds in your community and around the world. If you want to partner with us and bring your technology or introduce a business challenge - reach out to us!

Check it out and register today! The future of AI awaits you.




* Metz, C. (2016, May 16). Building AI Is Hard—So Facebook Is Building AI That Builds AI. Retrieved from Wired:

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