Hack&Shop – 7 to 77 hackathon

On the 23rd-25th of June, Hack&Shop hackathon is coming full of innovations and original solutions to optimize the Casino clients’ shopping experience !

The objective of this challenge is to improve customer satisfaction by choosing one of the themes such as drive-to-store, delivery, or shopping experience… It’s up to you !

Chatbots, beacons, applications… build the solution you like to help boost customer loyalty with help from 3 APIs : Mastercourses – the supermarket API, Insiteo – the routing and geolocalisation API, the Google Assistant API and more amazing datasets.

Keep in mind that your target is aged from 7 to 77  – representing million of potential clients. They will form a final consumer panel to live-test your service!

Up for grabs: 1st prize of 5000€, 2nd prize of 3000€, a Coding Prize of 1500€, and a real business opportunity !

Are you a startup, a marketer, a designer, a developer or do you just have a great idea? Subscribe now on the event website!

For further information, please email chloe@bemyapp.com

See you soon !

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