Hackathons: Agile or Lean?

As philosophies like agile, lean and rapid development continue to be generated and analyzed, it’s important to remember: at the heart of these theories lies the hackathon spirit — the rapid prototyping of concepts from ideation to demo. And what’s amazing about this, I think, is the quality of work accomplished in these short spans of time.

So are successful hackathon teams more suited by Agile and/or Lean philosophies? And, can these philosophies help guide your hackathon efforts? That, of course, comes down to your own processes, and feelings towards the different methodologies. But there is so much to these theories that can help benefit, and better a hackathon developer.

Think about it: without a long and structured timeline the mind does not allow itself to drift, and wander. And that’s because, well, there just isn’t any time!

At a hackathon you have no choice but to work, and work fast; save the “over-thinking” for the after party — Then you may go back and reevaluate your efforts. But first time hackathon developers would be shocked at finding just how much quality work is achieved in such a short span of time.

While attending a hackathon, remember — you are not simply developing — you are rapidly developing an idea from ideation to pitch to demo.

The limitations from the outside world, and corporate (or sometimes startup) atmospheres do not functionally exist inside the 24 or 48 or 72 hour blocks spent hacking. Even while attending corporate-sponsored hackathons, remember — companies want you to develop in a disruptive fashion!

So, is it time for you to check out some new work environment philosophies? Or maybe it’s just time you registered yourself for a hackathon :)

For a great recap and comparison of both Agile and Lean, check out this article from hackerchick.com, and visit events.bemyapp.com for some of our upcoming events around the world!

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