Gradle and Post&up app – Android MeetUp Barcelona

Our latest Android Meetup in Barcelona featured some special guests!

It was the last meetup of the year for Barcelona, and had 3 special presentations at Betahaus‘ new awesome location.

First, we had the pleasure to welcome for the first time our sponsor and business investor StartApp , represented by Tal Futeran! She introduced strategies StartApp has pioneered to monetize and promote mobile applications.


During a short break we enjoyed some pizzas, spanish specialities and beers while getting to know each other better.

After the break the action resumed with Oriol Jiménez, who gave a presentation on Gradle.

« Gradle is here to stay and it has a lot of unexplored potential, in this talk we are going to see some tips and tricks to get the most of its features, and this way increase the agility and quality of our developments. »
Here’s his presentation.


And what about having a great postcard to send to your friends only in one click with Post&up photoletter?
Franz Inselkammer & Andrey Kuroedov had a talk about their new application.


« We are a young IT startup company based in Barcelona. We love apps, photos and postcards. One of our products is the post&up photoletter – a smart postcard that transforms into a picture frame. After having launched our web ( in 2012 we now developed it’s companion – the mobile app. We want to share with you the tips, tricks and pitfals during the development process.»

You can find their presentation here.

We have planned the next Barcelona Meetup to take place on January, 15th 2014 – Hope to see new and familiar faces there!

Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo 2014 a todos.


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