Global IoT DevFest (With the Best)



Learn real-world IoT development tips, tutorials and best practices With the Best IoT experts and innovators worldwide! Gain the knowledge that will aid you in connecting the unconnected, and to enable the future transformation of our cities, transportation and different industries, such as retail, to be powered by IoT! Join 30+ IoT experts and innovators presenting their use cases and sharing their work in the IoT field on June 2nd – 3rd.

You’ll hear from the likes of Brian McCarson, CTO of IoT Strategy at Intel, Austin Ashe, GM of Smart Cities at GE, Steve Orrin, Chief Technologist for Intel Federal and Preston Holmes, Head of IoT Solutions for Google Cloud.

These speakers, among many others, will indulge you in the Future Trends and Innovations of IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation and Smart Retail- a rapidly growing market in the world of IoT.

Each presenter will talk for 30-40 minutes, after which the attendees will have time for live, unmoderated Q&A sessions so you can ask the speakers your burning questions. Sessions are also recorded so you can catch up on talks you may miss, and watch the ones you loved over and over.

Event Details:

When: Friday, June 2nd – Saturday, June 3rd

Official website:

Location: Online

Official Twitter & Hashtags: @WithTheBest / #iotfestWTB

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