DataHack14 Launch Party – UK recap

Yesterday was the launch party of DataHack14, the Tata Communications hackathon, taking place at Innovation Warehouse.

In summary here’s what happened:

After welcoming participants with some food and drinks, everyone was eager to hear the hackathon brief. Erika Marsan, Senior Segment Marketing Manager and Avanish Pande, VP-Innovation, from Tata Communications, explained it all.

Avanish and Erika

Avanish and Erika

Why do they want to throw a hackathon? Because they think it’s important to have a fresh eye looking in and a different perspective on what they do. They understand that overall bringing people with different skills and backgrounds together creates synergy and enhances creativity!

Then came the data sets presentation, followed by an animated Q&A session – our longest in history!

IMG_7052The release of such data has

generated a lot of interest, therefore many questions… Avanish was here to answer them all, so remember him because he’ll also be there this week-end – he is your data guide).

Below the explanation of the data sets:

Now that the audience was aware of the stakes, a dozen participants pitched an idea in front of everyone. Here is an extract of what came up:

  • Revolutionize the way call centers work. Improve customer call center experience, advertise to customers and receive valuable feedback.
  • Build an app that automatically decides the best way to make a call, either through your network as voice or data or as data via wifi or purchased data from a third party.
  • Customer (end user) behavior data supply for banks, insurance, retailers & etc.
  • Virtual health service using doctors in one country plus nurses locally on the ground. Saving cost of transport and transfer of skills to local health prividers.
  • A smart system that learns customers habits and adapts the message delivery accordingly.
  • Analytic tool that can predict the lenght of calls.
  • Visualization of the best times to make a call based on history analysis.
  • Prediction analysis

After the pitches, everyone mingled, talked together and discussed the ideas. Besides the fact that talking and eating the delicious Gurmetti burgers at the same time was a challenge in itself, people were full of energy and the atmosphere was vibrant

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until the end!

Not sure if the cat found a team...

Not sure if the cat found a team…


The Datadventure continues on Saturday, @ 5 PM!

For those who weren’t there, we’ll have a retake session on Saturday so stay tuned :)

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