Connected Life Hack Day

This Saturday, October 10th, we kicked off the Connected Life challenge at the Crystal in London. The event was initiated by Allianz WorldWide Partners to develop the connected objects and IoT applications that improve our connected lives.

début2Developers, designers, idea generators and makers were invited to meet with Allianz Worldwide Parnters and the partners of the challenge: Citi, Trackimo, Panasonic, Cognizant, Philips, and Tom Tom.

Participants presented their ideas and formed their teams before moving on to a 7-week online incubation. Connected Life is a great opportunity for FinTech players and future players to initiate innovative projects within the field.


The objective for participants was to familiarize themselves with APIs, SDKs and connected objects made available by Allianz and the partners in order to create new cutting-edge projects using those connected devices and technology.

The four themes to mix for the challenge were Home, Family, Health and Mobility.

It started at 10:30am by a welcoming word, followed by Allianz and the partners presentation:

- Allianz Products and Services & API by Christian Locher, Manager Innovations at Allianz Worldwide Partners


Citibank Citi Digital Acceleration & API by Mauricio Lorenzetti, Global Digital Acceleration & Innovation CTO at Citibank


Trackimo Worldwide Tracking Services & API by Amit Shaked, General Manager at Trackimo


Panasonic Smart Home & API by Kensuke Maeda, Marketing Manager at Panasonic Consumer Europe


TomTom Telematics & API by George de Boer, International Alliance Manager at TomTom.


Philips Health Solutions & API by Mirjam Wouters, Manager ExperienceLab at Philips.


After lunch, IoT – Transforming the Insurance Industry by Dr. Zachos Boufidis, Director of Technology & Innovation at Cognizant, was the last partner presentation before idea generators pitched their ideas.


About 20 idea generators came on stage to pitch their creative concept in one minute. Two very brave teens participated and did a great job. After the pitches, participants formed teams and started to work on their project with their mentors.


At the end of the day, teams left with two connected objects to start developing their projects.

The next step? The online incubation, consisting of webinars and private coaching sessions starting this week.

All participants will be coming back for the Final Hackathon, November 28th & 29th. Startups are welcome to join the event.


If you want to re-live the event, you will find all the pictures on our Flickr HERE.


We extend a huge thank you to Allianz Worldwide Partners and all the partners who make this event possible: PANASONIC, CITI, TRACKIMO, PHILIPS, TOMTOM and COGNIZANT.

 Stay tuned :)


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