Busting Myths About Recruting in Tech

When we first got RockIT on board as a sponsor of the last BeMyApp WeekEnd in SF I was quite frankly a bit nervous. Recruiting for tech real time stock tracker android companies has become a touchy subject in the Bay Area due to the high demand for engineers, product managers, etc. (and in my opinion, as a result of the utterly wrong choice of recruiters sometimes). I didn’t want our attendees spy web for iphone to be a moving target for some pushy recruiter while they were at the event to hack and launch their own product.

Then I met with Cody and Jane and from then on I knew everything will be just fine! They were with us for the whole weekend, being co-workers at the venue the event was held, and not one time I regretted partnering with them. As they are going to be with us for the App Olympics in SF, I invited Cody to share their vision and what makes them different from the bunch.


By Cody Voellinger

Cody Voellinger is Co-Founder and Sales Director of RockIT Recruiting, a hi-tech recruiting agency based in San Francisco.

Let’s do some myth busting first:

Myth #1 – A recruiter takes a cut of your salary. Wrong! The client has a separate budget set aside specifically for recruiting. Sometimes that comes blackberry bold call blocker in the form of paying agencies, sometimes it is for job boards, hiring internal recruiters, etc. but it is NOT taken out of a candidate’s salary.

Myth #2 – A recruiter won’t listen to what you want and will just try to close the deal no matter what. It would be naive for me to say this never happens, but good recruiters don’t do this. Good recruiters realize that real value comes from long-term relationships and referrals.

Myth #3 – If the recruiter doesn’t understand technology, they aren’t a good tech recruiter. While understanding the basic terms helps, what I need to understand most is people, namely the people who are hiring, and the people who are interviewing. When I understand people, I can find a great match even if I think a back-end penetration engineer is just a euphemism.

Myth #4 – blackberry gps tracking spy If I am happy in my job, I don’t want to waste my time talking to recruiters. Believe it or not, we are full of valuable information – what the

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newest technologies are that companies are looking for, good and bad working environments, what the market rate is for salaries, what new companies are cropping up in your field, and where is the best happy hour in your area. Getting to know a recruiter before you are ready to switch jobs alleviates a lot of stress when the time is right.

That should give you a pretty clear picture of what the role of a recruiter is, but let me elaborate:

My job is to understand the needs of my client, and to help them find a person that will add the most value to their company. I do this by understanding their business, their technologies, and their team. Then I speak to as many people as I spy stick ios 7 can who operate in a similar business and play with similar technologies. I chat with them, listen to what type of work environment they are looking for, and decide if there is a match. If not this time, I file them away to revisit when the time and client are right.

As a start-up recruiting company (we recruit for start-ups, and we are a start-up http://oliverkrato.de/best-mobile-spy-apps-for-iphone-5q1 ourselves), we have a modest goal of recruiting an army of Techies that will build companies that take over the world. The only way to reach this goal is by providing a quality and professional service to our candidates and clients. Again and again. Along the way, we hope to have fun, meet some really cool people, and learn about some amazing new companies.

Hopefully you learned a bit about the recruiting industry and our philosophy at RockIT.

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