Bring Home The Beacon Hackathon Recap

And what a wonderful weekend it was at Geekdom SF! After 423 tweets (#BringItSF) and 3 days of hard work and coding, 17 projects were demoed on Sunday night and they just blew us away.

There were so many great presentations, that choosing the top 3 proved to be quite difficult and we are glad we did not share in the unenviable task the judges had of selecting the winners.

First place went to, an app that lets you find and book conference rooms using beacons. Bigger Box came in second with their app that utilizes beacons to make a virtual shopping cart for the real world and take the frustration out of an IKEA shopping trip. In third place, we had InstaSave, that implemented wearable beacons as a safety measure to keep children from falling drowning, by alerting the parents when the child falls into a pool or off a boat.

Among those that didn’t get medals, our favorites were SkyEye, using beacons strapped to drones to follow you while you are engaged in sports, Bag Tag, which uses beacons placed inside your luggage to help you avoid frustration and bag loss at airports, and Early Bear, an app that uses beacons to connect you with other users to give you wake up calls and help you get rid of the habit of hitting the snooze button.

Also particularly impressive was BabyBTLE, which actually came up with two apps, one that uses beacons to help you remember to take all the items your baby needs when leaving the house and one that uses the Gimbal beacon and its built-in temperature sensor, to alert moms when the milk in the baby bottle is too cold or warm, as well as whether the baby has had too much or too little food.

We want to thank all our generous partners and judges without whom we would have not been able to put on this great event and also a big big thank you to you, our fantastic participants for all your hard work, positive energy, and creativity.

We took a lot of great pictures this weekend and you can view them all on BeMyApp’s Flickr

We also made a fun little pre-demo recap video starring who else? You!

Finally, we filmed all the demos, so if you would like to show all your friends how your rocked the mic at our hackathon, check out your presentation on Youtube.

Thank you all and see you at our next connected objects hackathon with a crowd-funded campaign for the winner, the BeMyApp Factory, at the end of this month! Be there or be decidedly square!

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