IN WITH THE OLD, OUT WITH THE NEW- A hackathon powered by Auriens to create new ideas for the older generation

We are gearing up for the Auriens Hackathon this weekend – April 28-30, 2017 – where developers, designers and startups will gather at OXO2 in London to hack new tech solutions for the older generation.

Auriens, a luxury retirement home planned to open in 2019, aims to provide their residents with top of the line technology around the three themes: living, moving and caring.


Living: Imagining technology tools that will enrich a residential living environment, considering everything from ergonomic architecture to embedded technology, lifestyle and concierge services to healthcare, hospitality and wellbeing.

Caring: Devising dynamic ideas around the provision of care, from the perspectives of hospitality and technology.

Connecting: Considering avant-garde solutions around technology that will enable residents to communicate with friends and family as well as staying connected to the world of business. Exploring the social side of life, imagining innovation across events, entertainment and relationships.


We’ve got a bunch of cool activities lined up for participants, including yoga sessions, massages and even a proper team time. On top of that, there will be awesome workshops from IBM, Altergaze, as well as a design thinking workshop to keep their creative juices flowing. They will get a chance to experience the Microsoft Hololens and the GERT age simulation suit–the most interesting of the activities–which will give participants the chance to experience what it feels like to be old…intrigued, yet?

altergaze hololens Age-suit







A great group of mentors will be available throughout the entire hackathon to give their expert advice to participants, and an amazing jury panel will be present to decide the two best projects on the final day.

What about the prizes you ask? First place prize is £5,000 and the second place is £2,000, plus the potential reward of Idea Incubation.

Interested in attending as an observer? You can! Just choose the observer option on the eventbrite. We hope to see all of you there!






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