Allianz HackRisk – The First 24


 We are 24 hours into theAllianz #HackRisk Hackathon and let me tell you, after my morning Yoga session in the park - along with 25 other bendybodied hackers – I’m feeling refreshed and ready for another 24 hours of coding, designing and workshops.

Kicking off at 6.30pm last night, Michael Krauch from Allianz Commenced proceedings with 130 eager hackers that filled Impact Hub to the brim. They’re here to design and create new apps to tackle risk in all aspects of life. Home, Mobility, Travel & Health.  


Showing that more people than ever care about feeling safe in the world, 36 pitches were made and many more ideas flooded off from them. Designers, Devs, Data Analysts, and super weapons honed in on their favourite ideas and people who were once strangers, in an instant became team mates for the next 48 hours.


One lucky team, or should I say newly crowned VIP team (Smart Watch), was voted best idea by all their peers in a game of poker chip madness – like in poker, whoever comes away with the most chips wins – and scored a luxury private space to hack for the duration of the hackathon.

For those who wanted more inspiration, 1 Design workshop and 4 Tech workshops rounded out the night and gave more insight into our Tech Partners and the technologies and APIs used during the Hackathon. These partners will not only share their technologies for the challenge, they will also provide mentors to help and coach the teams throughout the entire hackathon.

Design Workshop: Crash course on rapid sketching and prototyping Moderator: Alexis Brion with Kevin Cannon and DZ Tan

Tech Workshop: AMADEUS API Presentation Speaker: Nicolas Hauvillier


Tech Workshop: XEE API Presentation Speaker: Quentin Klein

Tech Workshop: Presentation Tom Collins Edison Board  

Midnight came and went, people came and went, the brave stayed and hacked throughout the night, succumbing to their sleeping bags and pillows for a few hours rest. Waking to the smell of fresh pastries and fruit, it was time for yoga….

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