A Recap of the Auriens Hackathon

A recap of the Auriens Hackathon – IN WITH THE OLD AND OUT WITH THE NEW

This weekend saw a one of a kind hackathon take place at the great venue that is OXO2. The Auriens hackathon had the goal to get great minds together to produce ideas, solutions, and prototypes for later lifers– namely later lifers that would be the clientele of the highly anticipated Auriens retirement home in Chelsea.

A hackathon with a view at the OXO2.

Over 90 participants came to work on this project and worked tirelessly from when the teams were made on Friday evening to when the hacking stopped at 3 pm on Sunday.  As the launch night began and the sun set over the river Thames, the room was soon full of eager designers, developers and those with great ideas, and the pitching began. More than 30 ideas were pitched and then 16 teams were formed.


Preparations in place; ready to greet our amazing participants, mentors, judges and guests!


The first participants scoping out the venue for the weekend.

Pitching ideas and forming teams!

Demos and presentations took place throughout the entire weekend. We were lucky enough to have IBM Watson coding talks, Altergaze and Hololens demos, Gerontechnology presentations and workshops giving each team helpful hints on how to make the end demo the best that it can be. Then, of course, there was the GERT suit demonstration from Brunel University, which enabled the participants to experience the physical changes in being a later lifer.

GERT suit demonstration.

Altergaze VR demonstration.

The winning team scooping the £5,000 1st prize were Chad, who created a plugin designed to make internet navigation for Later Lifers much easier. They were inspired by the fact that so many people from the older generations have never been online and would find using the internet very daunting. How Chad works is the user will speak into a microphone rather than using the mouse and keyboard to find what they need. We are excited to see what the next steps are for Chad and how it develops– congratulations!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.21.32.png

Johnny from Auriens with Chad, 1st place winners

The team winning 2nd place and £2,000 was StoryMate, who came up with a solution using AI to combat the loneliness often faced by Later Lifers. StoryMate allows Later Lifers to use a recording feature to tell a story, which is then converted into text. They are then matched with other users with similar stories and experiences, and can then socialise. Congratulations StoryMate!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.20.46.png
2nd place winners, StoryMate

A big thank you to everyone who took part in this weekend’s hackathon who really made the event amazing. The Auriens team, participants, mentors, and jury all contributed to a fun filled hackathon with an incredible atmosphere – the BMA team loved meeting and working with you all!

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