Did you get inspired ? #CodeAvecLaPoste

The Inspiration workshop took place at La Poste HQ last night in preparation for the Code Avec La Poste hackathon. The workshop occurred within the framework of the “Lab Postal”, the group’s annual show about digital innovation. This workshop was the starting point … Continue reading

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The Hackathon Pitch: All Eyes On You

Enter Hackathon: You’ve got it— that industry-altering, game-changing idea. Its been created, perfected, and executed fully in your mind. All you need is a team. All you need is a chance to convince the audience, to convince your fellow hackers: … Continue reading

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buzz montreal

Intel® Buzz Workshop – Montreal

The Intel® Buzz Workshop made a stop over in Montreal, QC on Tuesday, January 26, for its first workshop of the 2016 season. Game Developers from the Montreal area showed up in great numbers to grab some Intel swag, eat … Continue reading

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How an exclusive 24-hour coding camp may change your dev skills

For the past 10 years, alternative education programs have been blooming around the world. Their short-length, the opportunities they offer and the ability for anyone to make a radical career change have meant that these have become preferable to ordinary … Continue reading

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Enhance your experience with Node.js and IBM Bluemix SDK and battle your competitors! So we hear you’ve made amends with the kingdom of Node.js… But while you were getting all friendly and drinking beers together, enemies from all over Europe … Continue reading

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Learn IoT With The Best

Learn IoT With The Best: The IoT conference in your living room

 A one-day online conference on 16/01/2016 to acquire more in-depth knowledge with the best international IoT Tech experts. Saturday, January 16th 2016, Learn With The Best offers you a full online day dedicated to the Internet Of Things (IoT).  Learn … Continue reading

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Hackathons: Agile or Lean?

As philosophies like agile, lean and rapid development continue to be generated and analyzed, it’s important to remember: at the heart of these theories lies the hackathon spirit — the rapid prototyping of concepts from ideation to demo. And what’s … Continue reading

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How The Bay Area’s Finest Embodies DevOps

Somewhat recently, DevOps has gained traction as a business production philosophy. The original scope of DevOps focused on the relationship between two groups within tech production — the goal being to get ‘developers’ and ‘operations’ to work more efficiently together. … Continue reading

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2015 Highlights

Hack With The Best - Mercedes Benz Hackathon | The month of June brought with it one of BeMyApp’s biggest hackathons to date - Hack With the Best, presented by Mercedes-Benz. Hundreds of developers, designers, makers and idea generators headed towards Silicon Valley … Continue reading

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IoT World Forum Hackathon by Cisco – Awesome teams and happy devs in Dubai

After 2 days of hacking, training, coffee breaks, mentoring and food times the IoT World Forum Hackathon by Cisco in Dubai came to an end. On Saturday morning, 90 IoT enthusiasts met at Cisco offices, learning sessions were given and … Continue reading

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